about us

Jarman Auction Company was founded in 2009 by me, Franklin Douglas "Doug" Jarman Jr.  I am a  former Air Force veteran, serving in the intel field during the Reagan administration.  Upon receiving my honorable discharge in 1985, I began a career with the U.S. Postal Service.  I worked there for 17 years, during which time my wife, Laura and I had 2 boys, Zack and Aaron.  On a visit to see some friends in Atlanta in 1999, I learned about selling on eBay.  My friends had been going to garage sales and profiting on items that they purchased and sold online.  I decided to give it a try.  Within a year, sales began taking off and I knew I had found my passion in the re-sell business.  I decided to take a career leap of faith in 2004 and left the postal service to pursue this business.   I soon expanded my search for items to sell and began attending auctions at Liberty Auction in Pembroke, Ga.  It was there that I met and became friends with auctioneer Matt Mattingly and his wife Lori.  They were very influential in my early days and taught me so much about the auction business.  I was a regular attendee at Liberty Auction and decided to get my auctioneer's license in 2009.  It was with Matt's blessing that I started my first auction company.  It was then that Zack joined the family business.  After moving a couple of times to different venues, we opened Better Than That Auctions.  We soon were contracted to sell a large warehouse full of military surplus.  This contract lasted for nearly a year.  During that time, we discovered selling on online auction sites.  We conducted dozens of online auctions and soon had a large following of nationwide buyers of military surplus items.  We expanded into other areas and enjoyed success with our own live auction and furniture store.   Zack's wife (also name Laura) and my other son, Aaron joined the family business.

Matt and I spent many hours talking about business.  We pondered the possibility of combining our 2 companies.  My business joined the staff of Liberty Auction in 2015 and have been working with them since.  Our knowledge and work ethic combined with their experience and contacts to make Liberty Auction the largest and most successful auction for many miles.  The live weekly auction has become a huge event attended by hundreds of competitive bidders.   My company not only helped to make this live auction a success, but also added online sales.  Jarman Auction Company obtained our Federal Firearms License and added this as a service at Liberty Auction.

We have all been very happy and have managed to work together while remaining best friends over the years.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck our business in 2018 when Matt was taken from us by Pancreatic Cancer.  It was sudden and shocking.  We are still feeling the affects of losing him but have all managed to push through and continue with the mission.  With Liberty Auction back on top after surviving this tragedy, Jarman Auction Company now wishes to pursue our own business dreams.  We continue to support and be the primary auctioneers at Liberty, but now wish to return to our foundation of conducting online sales and live auctions on our own.

We are very excited to get back into the online auction business.  We want to bring the auction experience to you at home or from anywhere with your mobile device.  After careful consideration, we have decided to return to our old friends at Proxibid to host our timed online auctions. We are excited to bring you this opportunity to bid and buy from anywhere!

My family and I wish to offer you our finest efforts, using our skills and expertise to help you achieve your best results possible through our online marketplace and auctions.